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As a Business Coach I Know the Importance of a Strong Online Presence. 

I Created The Experts Website Formula as a comprehensive step-by-step course that shows you what to have on your website and how to present it to position for your authority and expertise.

Terran Gimpel

Founder of Photoras Consulting

Do You Want Access To The Exact Tools We Use Every Day In Our Business To Build High Quality Professional Websites Quickly and Easily?

What You Need To Know...

When you create a website That Positions For Authority as a coach, consultant, speaker, or author - With WordPress or Not - it's important to take into account more than just great design, Beautiful pictures or videos, or even good written content.

More important than the assets you have or the design you offer, is the strategy you take to guide people to learning about what you have to offer, and why they can benefit from it.

when you need to redesign, or even setup your website, there are a few very important factors to take into account about your website to ensure its long term success for you as an asset, and not just another expense.

  1. Find Out What Your Clients Want.  You Could spend weeks, or even months designing your website with careful wording and expressive pictures, but if it's all to offer something that your clients don't want, You will get mediocre results.
  2. Know your website purpose. When you know what your website is supposed to do, it's a lot easier to create a plan of action to lead people to doing what you want
  3. Keep it simple.  Knowing what you have to offer is important, but being offered a multitude of things can distract people from what you really want them to see and engage with most.

A Good Website is an asset to your success when people want to look you up and know what you do.

Your Website can be the difference between closing your next sale or turning people off for your unprofessional and out of touch online presence.

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